The most common questions and answers.

1. For what purpose can I use API?

You can use API to integrate Deep-Image into your website, app or workflow. You can find the relevant docs here.

2. How many images can I process simultaneously with the use of API?

You can process simultaneously as many images as you have available in your account’s plan. If you upload several images, they will be processed one by one.

3. How do credits work?

When you buy a subscription you receive a monthly budget of credits. 1 image transformtion requires 1 credit.

4. How to cancel my subscription?

After logging in to my profile, you can manage (and cancel) your subscription.

5. How subscription credits accumulation works?

Unused credits will roll over up to 3 months. Keep your subscription active to use them.

6. What happens to the credits if I don't use them all in a given month?

You can use all the credits in a given month or move them to the next month as long as you remain a subscriber - so you can still use them. Max accumulation - 3 months.

7. What happens to the credits if I remove the subscription?

If you cancel your membership you will lose your remaining credits.

8. How refferal code work?

If someone makes a purchase from your referral code, both of you will get 50% more credits from new purchase.

9. How many times can I use a refferal code?

A new user, who comes from a referral can use the referral code only once, but you can give your referral code an infinite number of times.

10. Where can I find a refferal code?

You can generate your unique code in your profile.

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