Achieve premium print quality.

Increase the image resolution of your illustrations, photos or posters to achieve great printing results. Restore compressed image files from your Google Photos. Our revolutionary method, which is based on the use of machine learning, allowed us to bring the quality of corrected photos to the next level. With just one blink of an eye, you can get a much better photo.

The benefits of using AI for post-processing photos

1. There are many benefits to using AI for post-processing photos. AI can help to improve the quality of your photos, and it can also help to speed up the process.

2. AI can be used to automatically correct common problems with photos, such as exposure and color. AI can also be used to enhance details and get professional effects.

3. AI is also very helpful for batch processing large numbers of photos. This can save a lot of time, especially if you have a large number of photos to process.

4. And last, but not least. The algorithms are still getting better and better. If you have a special use case and want to improve the results of enhancement, we can train the model to be the best in your kind of image. That is the huge advantage of artificial intelligence over traditional tools.

If you’re looking to get higher-quality photos, you should definitely use AI post-processing. These tools can help you fix common problems like poor lighting and composition, and they can also help you add artistic touches to your photos that will make them really stand out.

How many pixels are needed for a good-quality photo?

The number of pixels needed for a good-quality picture depends on the resolution of the image. The higher the resolution, the more pixels are needed. For example, an image with a resolution of 300 dpi would require 9,000 pixels to create a 3-inch by 3-inch print. For a 7-inch by 10-inch print, you’d need 36,000 pixels. If the resolution remains constant, increasing the physical size of the image will increase the pixel count.

In you can set upscale to enlarge your images automatically 2x,3x,4x times or increase their resolution by specifying the parameter of one of the sides in pixels. The length of the other side will then automatically set itself to maintain the aspect ratio from the input image.

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