Remove BG recommendation

Best practices to prepare a photo for background removal


High contrast between foreground and background gives better results than low contrast. It is worth ensuring that the photos are taken in good lighting conditions.

Prefer plain backgrounds

Backgrounds with a single-color are easier to remove than backgrounds with many details.

Sharp foreground

The foreground should be sharp and the edges of the objects should be clear, otherwise, the out-of-focus parts may be removed. If only the edges are blurred, they will still be blurred in the cutout, which may or may not be a problem.


Objects held in the hands or worn on the body are usually supported, while large protruding objects can be problematic and may be removed.

Recommendations for product photos and other objects

Whole object

It's important that the entire product be visible in the photo, this means it can't be cut off, obscured, or shaded.

Object in focus

Place the subject in front of a smooth, uniform background (photo studio, wall, floor). This will give you a good indication of the shape of the object to be cut out.

Shadows and reflections

Try to avoid shadows and reflections because they can be mistaken for part of the foreground. This will result in a wrong definition of the object's shape.

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