Sharpen & Noise reduction

Sharpening of images is useful when:

- image is slightly blurred and the blurred nature is close to the filter known as gaussian diffuse,

- image is pixelated — the more anti-aliased pixels, the better.

Sharpen unfortunately can over-sharpen the image when the image is not blurred at all — so it is the human role to decide when it is useful.

In the future, will provide some kind of automatic guessing of what kind of degradation the image has and which filters will be the best.

Example of sharpening filter work

As you can see there are plenty of use cases related to the filters in Deep-Image.AI. It’s important to be fully aware of the capabilities behind the software and to use them in the most beneficial way.

Noise reduction of images

Noise can occur as a result of using high ISO settings or taking a photo in low light. Most often this is an unwanted effect. The photo corrected by is smooth and clean. Noise is the changes in the digital image. Deep Image's algorithms can remove the grain from the photo and effectively reduce all the noise. Here is an example of the results:

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