Handling Large File Sets

Large number of images can be processed with cloud target

Enterprise API

The enterprise version of our REST API effectively manages the reliable and stable processing of large volumes of data. Designed for high-throughput scenarios, it ensures consistent and dependable performance, making it ideal for handling extensive datasets and numerous files.

If you're interested in our enterprise API, contact us at https://deep-image.ai/outsourcing for more information or to discuss your specific needs.

Cloud providers

Deep image supports various cloud providers: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and S3. Using API images can be fetch from one storage and put into another one.

First you need to configure your storages at https://deep-image.ai/app/my-profile/storages

In above example user has Dropbox storage named "dropbox-storage". Using that name images can be fetched or uploaded.

    "url": "storage://dropbox-storage/source_folder/image.png",
    "width": 1000,
    "target": "storage://dropbox-storage/destination_folder"

Multiple processing

It is possible to send more than one image with "urls" parameter.

    "urls": [
    "width": 1000

    "status": "complete",
    "job": "daed6c88-c25e-11ed-b500-92631771ed1d",
    "results": [
            "job": "dbaa2aa8-c25e-11ed-bbfe-668140caf6e4",
            "status": "complete",
            "url": "https://deep-image.ai/images/2023-03-14/7c278066-48c0-4ce0-bcd8-75549ad6c6f4.png",
            "original_url": "https://deep-image.ai/api-example.png"
            "job": "dce9ddf0-c25e-11ed-bbfe-668140caf6e4",
            "status": "complete",
            "url": "https://deep-image.ai/images/2023-03-14/b838297f-4775-4fe8-abeb-8ddb2553c7eb.jpg",
            "original_url": "https://deep-image.ai/api-example2.jpg"

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