Upscale uses a revolutionary upscale technique to create high-resolution images from low-resolution originals. While there are many techniques to upscale an image, the neural networks at offer a solution that scales or enlarges your image using the latest artificial intelligence algorithms techniques. With this technology, any image can be upscaled to a high-resolution version without losing quality.

PNG vs JPEG — the difference in upscaling

PNG offers a lossless compression meaning that the picture loses no quality with compression, meanwhile JPEG reduces the image quality as the file size gets smaller. The most obvious thing to happen when a JPEG compresses severely is that the finer details disappear. Pictures is getting more pixelated, giving the image “blocky” apperance.

Deep-Image.AI uses different AI models for each of these formats, but it recognises the image format by its image header.

One of the potential challenges is be when the image which was saved first with JPEG compression that introduced heavy JPEG artifacts was saved as a PNG file. In that case Deep-Image.AI will process the file as PNG, but in fact pixels look like they were processed with JPEG compression.

Let see the example below. One was saved as a PNG file and upscaled 4x and the second one was saved as a JPEG file and also upscaled 4x.

The differences are clearly noticeable. Much more details are restored in the PNG image.

Of course, this will only happen when the source image was the RAW file not a JPEG file saved as a PNG. In that case, we would have the situation described at the beginning of this section


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