General use case is when you do not want (or have possibility) to write the code that waits for the processing result. In that situation deep image will send the processing result information directly to user defined url.

Deep image provides webhooks support for the end of image processing event.

There two types of webhooks:

  • set by Deep Image staff at user's account

  • specified in the request

You can specify webhook in your processing request where the data with completed job will be sent:

    "url": "https://deep-image.ai/api-example.png",
    "width": 1000,
    "height": 1000,
    "webhooks": {
        "complete": "https://YOUR-WEBHOOK"

So, when job is completed, address "YOUR-WEBHOOK" will receive that data:

  "job": "ce0e7624-634e-11ee-a699-0242ac14000b",
  "data": YOUR_REQUEST,
  "result_url": "https://localhost:8073/images/2023-10-05/1f48bcdb-0117-49aa-b9e3-c5df10680642.png",
  "results": null

If you cannot specify webhook in your request, please write a message to support@deep-image.ai and user's account webhook will be set.

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